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Post  Rama on Thu Apr 23, 2009 3:13 am


Since the last Photo posting topics were forced to be Closed due to flaming, we are giving you this chance again to share your pictures with others, but you must follow these Rules:

Dynasty Member pictures, favorite pets, or special/cool images you'd like to share,
Any Innapropriate images will be removed, report one if you see it, the poster will be punished.
Any Comments on Photo's will be deleted- PM others with your replies only.
Any Racist remarks will give you a week long ban.
Any Flaming at all on here will give you a week long ban.
If you need to, use the Image Resizing link to make your photo smaller.

If you post a photo of *yourself* that is found to be false or stolen, the Picture will be removed and you will be punished, we encourage members to be social, so dont use fake pictures! If you suspect someones to be fake, notify me or another Xile Moderator and we will handle it. If you are being harrassed by someone notify a Moderator, we want to keep this a Friendly community.

Remember: Any comments at all on other peoples Pictures must be privately messaged to them.

Places to Upload your Pictures:

How to Use Photobucket and Imageshack Guide
Free Online Image Resizing

Any other questions...? None?

Good now let keep it nice and clean for everyone to share!
Yes, this may be a useless thread, but it's friggin' fun and I miss it. Please, let's keep this one for good. I really don't want this topic to be closed for flaming the "fourth" time. -.- Thanks. Well here's me:

Well, go on and post your pictures, and have fun? =)


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