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Post  Rama on Wed Apr 22, 2009 2:58 am

Ok this is a topic to get player ideas and new suggestion for the assassin class. There will be a thread for each class later on, im just starting with sinx for now.

Right now what we will do with sinx is:

1. Increase MA damage a bit to make up for the delay.

2. Make grimtooth always earth element and increase its damage.

3. Fix cloak so you cant get targeted with single, non AoE skills/attacks.

4. Change EDP, it will only effect certain sin only skills. and it will only apply 15% damage bonus to those skills, not the full EDP bonus. This percent can be increased later with certain subclasses, and new skills can be effected by EDP later based on your subclass. but for now with normal assassins, EDP will only effect a few skills, beside normal attacks, and will only apply 15% bonus to skills, 100% to normal attacks. again, the 15% can be increased based on stuff you do later, most likely it would be at most 50%

5. Throw venom knife or whatever its called will be changed. to what im not 100% sure right now. most likely it will be some attack that always has posion effect but will always have a chance to apply a new kind of posion that you can not resist, you can remove it with priest skills and that one thief skill though.

6. Sonic acceleration will be changed as well i think. will buff up SB a little bit more.

7. based on your subclass, certain skills and effects will be changed or granted to the player. like certain innate status bonuses and increased skill effects.

8. Fix breaker range back to 5 cell range, how it used to be.

i wont go into detail right now about the race/subclass stuff, since im still working on that.

I want to know what players think about these changes to try and balance out sinx, keep in mind the other classes will change as well. Id rather poeple give real reasons for why they dont agree with one of the above things. and any other ideas are welcome, just keep them sensable.

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