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Post  Rama on Wed Apr 22, 2009 2:58 am

champs wont be changed to much. i'll try to fix occult to stop it from being spammed like it can be right now. TSS i dont really want to make faster, id rather just up its damage if thats what players want. i can maybe try and make TSS a bit faster but i dont want it to be really fast, since it can cause status effects.

which i might fix the fact skills carry status effects with them. well some will stay that way some will not. occult/TSS imo shoudl not carry any status effects, but i might not fix or change that in this update and might take me a while to get aorund to it.

i want to unnerf asura only if its used as a finisher in a combo.

snap will be changed a bit to. you wont beable to snap onto a player and it wont be allowed in WoE, incase it is right now. thought someone said it was useable in WoE right now.

i also want to boast combo damage a wee bit as well. to make it more usefull. the trade off with combos is you cant have fast attack speed. it takes some skill to do full combos. i wont change that.

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