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Post  Rama on Wed Apr 22, 2009 2:59 am

dont know much with these. i am making AD not copable. and im capping all copied skills to the max level players can get, so no more level 10 skills when the max level players can get in the skill tree is level 5. thats about all i have planned for stalkers. i would like something to try and make more sword/dagger stalkers though. i stucks that like every stalker is bow, i would like more of a varitiy, so dagger only skills would need buffed or something.

also keep in mind new weapons are planned. like weapons with more attack then the current uber weapons. so keep that in mind when you think about buffing certain skills. this is true for all classes, which i will keep in mind when adding this stuff. but would be nice to let players know so they dont suggest such things.

higher damaging dagger alone might be enough to put verity into this class and sinx.

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