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Post  Rama on Wed Apr 22, 2009 3:00 am

Pretty much same as paly, cant think of to much ot do here.

i will make it so you can talk while beserked. it is kind of stupid that you cant.

concentration i might up the hit it gives a bit, from +50 to +100 or something. i dont want to make it % based, becuase then LK can always hit anyone pretty much, which is what hppened when i made it +50%, there was no need for lordknight to get dex at all with conc the way i made it.

aurablade will give a high damage boost, dont know how much yet.

charge attack will be changed. it will cuase stun and knockback as wlel as high damage, but its more distance based and knockback and stun will be determeined by subclasses. this means you wont get knockback unless your a certian subclass. and the stun will work but i might have it bypass certain card effects if your a certain subclass. this move will work through saftywall as well, but only if you started from its max distance. so basicly its just a one hit move, unless you have knockback with it, then you can knock people out of safty wall. this might be to powerful though. would need testing for balance.

Thats about all there is right now. i cant think of to much more. i might have two handed quicken add damage bonus as well and not just attack speed. to try and get more two handed knights out there. last i remember most LK were spear. i want more of a varity.

i might buff up some other skills, like head crusher and joint beat. not sure though. joint beat i might make the status effects that gives work more often or something.

thats all i have so far. this stuff is not set in stone. none of the class threads are set in stone. what i said will happen might chnage and stuff. i just want player input pretty much.

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