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Post  Rama on Wed Apr 22, 2009 3:01 am

The reason i didnt make topic for the other classes yet, is mainly becuase i dont have very many ideas for any other class then creator/sinx. since those are the ones people complain about the most.

but for palys pretty much i want to give them a wee bit more hp, and more damage output.

right now im thinking of making faith give +2% hp and not +2000 hp. this percent can increase with subclass stuff to like 10% at most. you guys have heal, so you dont need gobs and gobs of hp.

defending aura will be fixed so it works with stuff it should. namely AD and breaker. it will only effect the non magic part of breaker, after i make break what i used to be. or if i dont have breaker magic/weapon attacks i might just have DA reduce the full breaker damage by a bit, not the full 90% or whatever DA does at max level.

Sac Ritual. if it doesnt work right now. i will make it work and i want to buff it up a bit.

Holy Cross, i want to buff this up a wee bit as well. weather that means giving it more hit, or more damage i dont know yet. certain subclasses will add more to this and maybe change its element so its not holy all the time or not holy period. this would only be some subclasses.

GrandCross, i want to buff up a wee bit as well, since no one really uses it beucase it kills you to fast. the base paly's grandcross will mostlikey not be changed though. subclasses grandcross will be changed though. some will reduce the damage it does to you, and change its element like with holy cross.

shrink i want only working with melee attacks, not ranged or placed attacks.

thats about all i can think of for palies. i have no clue if there are any overpowered skills that need nerfed or not, or what other skills need buffed. sonce i dont really know the current state palies are in.

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