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Post  Rama on Wed Apr 22, 2009 3:01 am

i cant think of to much to do with priests. they are support and i wont make them anything else. i wont change how they are right now either though.

the most i can think of doing, beside subclass buffs, is put saftywall back on a limit like i had it before. i dont know if it is or not on a limit right now but i want it to be.

so pretty much you will beable to cast say 10 safty walls before the first one you placed is replaced to make room for a new one you want to cast.

some of the subclass buffs im thinking of speicifly for priests are an AoE heal. htis would allow you to heal in a 3x3 range. the center of the range gets the full heal and the surrounding cells get like half of the normal heal or something like that.

holy lights element might change depending on the race and subclass you pick as well.

this kind of effects priets, but there will be a subclass that lets a certain percent of your magic pass though gtb. this would only work for magic with damage values, like heal/holy light. and the percent it allows through gtb would not be that high, like 10% or something. since this is also for wizard and sages making it more then that would really overpower those classes i think. this is just an idea though and most likely will change.

again thats pretty much all i have right now for priests.

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