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Post  Rama on Wed Apr 22, 2009 3:03 am

Again, just like the Sinx thread this is to get plays opinions on proposed changes to this class. right now there are not many changes that will be made.

1. Acid Demo's break chance will be based on the equipment refine amount. +7 and above will not beable to be broken, +0 will have a normal break chance and +6 will have a low break chance.

2. Acid Demo's damage will be changed a bit. it will only hit you 5 times, and will do a bit less damage.

3. Bomb will stay at 25 limit, but there will be a player limit of 15 bombs per tile.

4. Acid terror damage will be increaed a little bit.

This is all i have right now. i will look at the class more later and post new changes to it. I will try to change any skills that are just useless. i am thinking of doing something with the two summon skills they have, the flora one and sphere ones, to make them more usefull. not sure yet though.

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